Reflection on what is important to us all

Access Date & Time: 2019-09-06

It is the 26th December, the day after the special time of the year. It is a great time for reflection on the year that has just been and also looking ahead into the new year.

One of those topics I am reflecting on is individuality! I guess you can say i have always been a bit of a follower. I love looking at wedding trends and trying to replicate some amazing ideas I come across (particularly on Pinterest). However, the other day I met an amazing couple that we are hosting their wedding in 2018 and they have come up with some of the most quirky but interesting ideas which really bring their individuality to their wedding. Their guest are going to be blown away and I cannot wait to see it all come together.

But it also made me realise how commercially driven the world is today. We all like the same thing....All the businesses push us to the think the same way.....and we all get given boxes that we need to stay in (figuratively speaking). This is not a good thing as this will stifle our creativity and individuality.

So here is my lightbulb moment having had this reflection....It is something that we will refuse to do at Bridgewater.

We will NOT tell our couples how they should get married. We will NOT tell our couples what their wedding should look like.

WE WILL give them a canvas to draw on and WE WILL guide them if they are stuck. But Bridgewater will be about allowing our couples to explore their individuality and make their wedding their own.



We spent a few weeks scouting locations for our wedding and though there were some nice places, once we came across Bridgewater, met with Justin and walked around the grounds we knew without a shadow of a doubt that it not only ticked all the boxes, but it really re-energized us and gave us some palpable excited momentum moving forwards, and we were instantly really excited to share this beautiful location with our friends and family on our special day.

Justin was so flexible and accommodating with our ideas and plans that nothing seemed hard or like anything was going to be in anyway a challenge or difficult, and this included working on the menu with us to cater for people with all sorts of dietary needs. The food was amazing and a real highlight of the reception for us and our guests.

In the planning of the day Justin listened to us and offered advice and suggestions as per his expertise, but really let us run with the ball and we ended up with exactly the wedding WE wanted and the day just went over so well that if it went any easier we might have fallen asleep!

Aside from being blessed by having such a beautiful location surrounding us on the day itself, our photos look stunning; we scrubbed up ok, but Bridgewater made us look really gooood - it was easy to soar like Eagles when surrounded by such a majestic landscape!

All our guests were stunned by the location and now several weeks later we are still getting feedback from them gushing about how beautiful the place is.

Bridgewater is truly a magical place to get married and we have no doubt Justin and his crew will meet and exceed your expectations for your special day.

Lauren & Cam

— Lauren & Cam —