Final Meeting Process  


There’s not long to go now, so to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly it’s important that we start to firm up your details.  We have created a twelve step process below that will help you work through the information that both you and Bridgewater will require.  

This can be overwhelming for people who have not planned events, so we have tried to break it down to make it as simple as possible, however it is still a lot of information to go through so take your have around 5 weeks before our scheduled meeting.

Final Meeting - Step One
Shortly we will have our final meeting which is hosted online (a minimum of three weeks before your wedding date) and at that meeting it is very important that we have final answers to all the following details.

Please prepare carefully for this meeting as any changes after this meeting may incur additional charges. Also Bridgewater reserves the right to make selection on your behalf if final decisions are not made at this time.

This final meeting will be of one hour duration approx. Attendance is limited to the Bridal Couple only.  Please ensure you have booked the final meeting ASAP by referring to the email from Bridgewater or click the link below:

Book Final Meeting Here Book Final Meeting Here

Final Meeting Document - Step Two
Below link will take you to the Final Meeting Preparation Form which will need to be completed along with a few other forms listed in the difference sections on this page.  This form covers all the details of your day and will help guide you on all the elements to make your day run smoothly.

Please send back this form (and the other documents) prior to the final meeting.  Email address is

Final Meeting Preparation Form Final Meeting Preparation Form

Guest Numbers - Step Three

As part of the Final Meeting Preparation Form (above), you will be asked for Guests numbers, therefore now is the time to follow up all your RSVP’s now.

While you are following up with the guests, make sure you are collecting their dietary requirements (if any).  See step Four below for this process.

We have also put together a link that you can share with your guests now that we are a few weeks out from your day.  Feel free to copy this link in your communication with the guests:

As per your booking agreement, the All-Inclusive wedding package caters for 40 guests (no difference between adults and children).  Any additional guest number above 40 will be charged at a per person cost.

Menu and Dietary Requirements - Step Four

As part of the Final Meeting Preparation Form, you will be asked about any special food requirements as part of the grazing table menu.  The Grazing Table Menu is listed below:

• Mini Ham and Cheese Croissants
• Spinach and Béchamel Toasties
• Soft Base Pizza Fingers with Pesto
• Thin crusted Quiche Lorraine
• Vegetarian Brioche Slider, Falafel, creamy Chickpeas and Capsicum Relish
• Butter Roll filled with Squid, crunchy Salad and Tartare Sauce
• Bao Bun loaded with crispy Chicken Breast, pickled Vegetables and Peanut Sauce
• Steamed Bread, peppered Strips of Beef coated in sweet Teriyaki Sauce and Pickles
• Assorted New Zealand Cheeses
• Crackers and assorted Breads
• Toasted Nuts
• Dried Fruits
• Dips and Spreads, Crudités
• Seasonal Sliced fruits
• Assorted Slices

While you are gathering the RSVP's from your guests list, it is important that we gather any dietary requirements they have.  To help the process, we have created a form for you to send to your guests.  They can complete this form and the information comes directly through to us at the venue.  

Alternatively, you can collect this information yourself and include it into the final meeting form as per step two
Dietary Requirement Link - To Send to Guests
Dietary Requirement Link - To Send to Guests

Wedding Day Schedule - Step Five
While Bridgewater needs key timings to help with the day, it is also handy for us to have your more details schedule which covers EVERYTHING  as that ensures that both the venue and the couple are aligned on what, where and when.  

Please create a 'Wedding Day Schedule’ to be ready for this meeting. You will find attached a “Sample Schedule” below which will serve as a guide of what we are after.  

4.00pm - Guests Arrive/Bridal Party Photos doing final touches
4.30pm - Ceremony in Forest
5.00pm - Group Photos (on lawn by chapel)
5.20pm - Guests make their way upstairs where bar and grazing table opens/Bridal Party off to get photos around venue
6.30pm - Bridal Party enter into reception area to enjoy with guests
6.35pm - First Dance (if applicable) and cake cutting (if applicable)
6.45pm - Speeches (if applicable)
7.00pm - Photographer departs
8.00pm - Guests to depart

Ceremony Plan - Step Six
As part of the All-Inclusive Wedding Package, you will be allocated a celebrant to conduct your ceremony.  The package has been designed with the ability to customise your ceremony but will not be fully customised from the start.  

Below you will see the template for the ceremony which is the basis of your ceremony.  The items that you will need to prepare are in the form below which includes:
1. Personal vows written by each of the couple
2. Any special rituals/blessings or readings that you want to be part of your ceremony
3. Names that you would like to be known by throughout the ceremony
4. Your legal names
5. Names of the witnesses that will be signing the legal documentation

Ceremony Template Ceremony Template

  Ceremony Form Ceremony Form

Decorations - Step Seven

Now we are getting down to the finer details of your day....the decorations.  As part of the All-Inclusive package, we have a small selection of decorations that you are eligible to select from.  These include the following:

1. Ceremony Isle Decorations (See the three options in the Final Meeting Document to select which decorations)
2. Welcome Sign
3. Wishing Well/Card Collection box
4. Small centrepiece to go on the bar leaners in the reception area

I have attached our full decoration categlogue that you can use as a reference for when we discuss your decorations but please note, as this is not a traditional wedding we will not be able to use all of the items in teh catalogue and will only stick to the list above.

Decoration Catalogue Decoration Catalogue

MC & Usher Allocation - Step Eight
If you have not already, please nominate a trusted person as your MC and supply us with all their contact details. This nominated person must NOT be in your bridal party. They need to have authority to make decisions on your behalf on the morning of the wedding and during the wedding if there are any unexpected problems, and they will also be required to liaise with our maitre d’ during the wedding.

You will also require an ushers to greet guests when they arrive, direct them and take charge of your wedding gifts.  

Please find details below for your MC and Ushers to cover off on the day.  Please give this document to them in advance along with your final schedule so that they have time to prepare.  The MC and Ushers should be at the venue at least an hour before the ceremony and will need to come and see Justin Button to run through the schedule and finer details.

MC Information Sheet MC Information Sheet

Ushers Information  Ushers Information 

Other Vendors - Step Nine

Do you have other vendors (such as DJ's, Florist, Makeup Artist) that will be on site at Bridgewater?  If so, read on below....

If you are having a Band/DJ or live musician, photo booth etc, please ensure if they have not been to Bridgewater Country Estate before, they either come and visit or telephone ahead and ensure they can fit where we need to place them and ensure we can meet any of their requirements. This saves confusion on your wedding day. They need to be well set up before your ceremony and we will need to know their time of arrival.

If you are involving a wedding planner or the like, please ensure to discuss with Justin or Tracey the requirements you have given to them, so we can have a clear understanding of their duties and they do not conflict with the general running, duties and operation at Bridgewater.

Please make sure that your musicians, photographers, hair and make up stylists bring all of their own equipment e.g. chairs, tables, tablecloths, towels etc.

The neighbouring properties are out of bounds for you to enter with your photographer. Our neighbours have 2 large German Shepherds and we recommend you do not enter their property for safety reasons.

Below we have an information sheet that you will need to download and hand over to all the other vendors that will be at the venue on/or before your wedding.

Vendor Information Sheet Vendor Information Sheet

Live Musician/DJ Information Sheet Live Musician/DJ Information Sheet

Photographer/Videographer Information Sheet Photographer/Videographer Information Sheet

Rehearsal Date - Step Ten
Now that most of the details are decided, you want to start thinking about practicing the ceremony with your bridal party.... This is where the rehearsal date comes in handy but getting a group together can be difficult so we suggest you go ahead and book your rehearsal date in advance by using the link below.  

Please note 1 hour is allocated for your rehearsal, extra time may be charged.  This hour should be more than adequate for your rehearsal. Please only bring the people you need to undertake your rehearsal.  It is also a good idea to see if your Celebrant is available as they can guide you through the practice.  Friends and guests make this process longer and confusing. Please keep this an alcohol free exercise.

Your rehearsal is the best time to bring all the extras we require for your wedding day, e.g. signing book, table plan for the board, individual name place cards, favours etc.   Please drop this off to either Tracey or Justin Button PRIOR to your rehearsal.

Book Rehearsal Date Here Book Rehearsal Date Here

Rehearsal Tip Sheet Rehearsal Tip Sheet

Final Checklist - Step Eleven
Please ensure you send back the following documents prior to the final meeting:

  1. Final Meeting Preparation Form
  2. Ceremony Form
  3. Decoration selection (to help with the online discussion)

Once you have all of these, send through to Tracey at

Full Payment - Step Twelve
Following the Final Meeting, Bridgewater will issue the final invoice based on the details of the meeting.  Full payment is required 7 working days before your wedding date by direct credit, and we will supply you with a GST invoice.  Any ‘extras’ incurred on the day will be billed to you at the conclusion of your wedding, or taken from your bond.

Other Documents you may find handy - NO ACTION REQUIRED
Below we have a few additional documents that you may find handy as you are heading into your final stages of planning.

Bridal Suite Information Sheet Bridal Suite Information Sheet

   Chalet  Information Sheet         Chalet  Information Sheet     

Dance Floor Measurements Dance Floor Measurements

Day Before Checklist  Day Before Checklist 

As you step through all the information above, we just want to say "Enjoy the process".  Planning a wedding can be stressful for many couples but Justin and Tracey are here to make the process as easy as possible.  

For any queries please call Justin or Tracey on 09 441 6499 or 021 417 474. Email:




First of all, Craig and myself would like to thank you so very much for making our day such a success. I know a lot of people adored the venue, it was absolutely beautiful.The day ran smoothly and according to plan.  We had a lot of compliments on the food, so I know that everything was very popular, and you were right about the curry.

Also big thanks to the chef in regards to the cheese stack, that was really well received and people raved about the blue cheese. I'm super pleased we chose it, and you executed our vision perfectly.

I'm so glad we chose Bridgewater as our venue, everything was done well, with elegance, was easy, and I think the venue offers a point of difference rather than the standard vineyard wedding. The shaded bar area was also hugely beneficial due to the heat.  
You have been brilliant to work with during the planning process and I'm extremely grateful for everything. 

— Fiona and Craig —